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Since 1998  we have been publishing aviation calendars, -books and -magazines. An onlineshop is available. Among other books you will find there our newest products below:





LS 2016 Jun Jul Cover  vgc-news-144



Available from August 2016:

Workshop Practice

For Building and Repairing
Wooden Gliders and Sailplanes

The English Translation of the German classic,
Werkstattpraxis für den Bau von Gleit und
Segelflugzeugen by Hans Jacobs and Herbert Lück.



Yearbook 3D 1E


This book celebrates 40 years
of the Vintage Glider Club.
Containing wonderful
individual stories from
around the world of nearly
300 historic gliders rescued,
rebuilt and restored to
active flying status,
it deserves a place on every glider enthusiast’s bookshelf

Asiago Montage N


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